menu plan monday, better late than never

Last week I didn’t plan things. It was chaos. I find that when I have a plan, even if I go off that plan, things work out a lot better. Maybe because there is always backup.

Also, it baking your own birthday cake wrong? Well, I want to ensure that I actually have one this year, so I am doing it anyway.

And so it goes…

Sunday: Pizza (take out)
Monday: Leftover buffet
Tuesday: Roast chicken, roasted sweet and white potatoes, salad, hot fudge cake (my birthday!)
Wednesday: (Spaghetti and turkey sausage, salad
Thursday: Avgolemono, sandwiches, chips
Friday: Grilled chicken, rice & beans, salad or cole slaw
Saturday: Steak, potatoes, vegetable


  1. Dara says:

    I feel the same way about planning. Even if I go off-plan, things are still smoother than if there had been no plan at all. Happy early birthday!

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