the bright side

While no one really wants to be woken up shortly at 4 a.m., it does have its benefits. As I type this, it is just after 10 a.m. and I’ve already done all of my household chores for the day. Laura is napping at the moment (since she was the one who insisted on getting up so early), so it’s nice and quiet. I caught the tail-end of that show “The Doctors” as I was folding laundry and it was all about ways to lose weight. I wonder if they had any hydroxycut reviews earlier in the program? The only method I saw is a new procedure that is basically Botox for your stomach. Apparently it relaxes the muscles and makes you feel full faster. Eeek. I’m skeptical of anything with botulism in it and I think you’d have to be pretty desperate to inject it into your GI tract. Of course, I’m sure there is a lot more to it than the synopsis on the show.

So what should I do with the rest of my day? I’m going to plant my amaryllis from the kit I bought last night and hope it blooms in time for Christmas. I’m going to run to the post office and maybe Michael’s and Walmart after Laura wakes up. And maybe I will put out a few more fall decorations. It almost seems too late, but we’re having family over on Sunday and of course we are also hosting Thanksgiving so it would be nice for the house to look a little more festive.

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