So I’ve managed to cheat death for another year. Yes, yesterday was my 35th birthday. The number makes me feel kind of old, like I should start thinking about the best calcium supplements, but that’s the way it goes, right? Looking at photos from a few years ago, I think I actually look a little better now so hey — maybe there’s hope after all!

Actually I had a great day. I got to sleep in a little, I got books and comics and gift cards and even a little cash 😉 My friends overwhelmed me with birthday greetings on Facebook. And Drew took me out to a great lunch at La Puerta Azul over in Salt Point. What’s a little birthday lunch without some kind of beverage? He made the command decision to order a flight of silver tequilas — Patron, Tres Generations, and Corazon.


Corazon was my favorite out of the three. It was smooth with a hint of pepper, but not overwhelming. My least favorite was the Patron. Not surprising, it just tasted manufactured. But I guess if you sing about it in a rap song it instantly becomes a favorite. Don’t get me wrong — it was good. But compared to the other two. Well, it’s overrated in my opinion. I’ve had the Tres Generations many times at home and always enjoy that.

It was so hard to decide on a lunch entree because everything looked delicious. I got Arroz con Pollo and Drew ordered enchiladas. Delicious, both of them!



For dessert we ordered Aroz con Leche (a coconut almond rice pudding that is wrapped in crisp pastry and served with tequila lime ice cream) and Drew could not resist asking for a Tijuana Speedball, mostly because he just wanted to say the name.


Seriously, how you could you have a bad birthday after that? Once we were stuffed we wandered over to Alterniverse across the street and hung out for a bit. I never did make my roast chicken and hot fudge cake because I was entirely too stuffed last night. I’ll make it tomorrow, I think.

Now we’re back to the old grind. Laundry and cleaning and writing and… all that stuff 😉

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  1. That dessert looks INCREDIBLE!!! OMG, I just want the ice cream! 🙂

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