TGIF :-)

It’s twenty-five degrees out this morning! Brr! But the sun is shining and that always makes such a big difference. I’m also in a great mood because my friend Jenn from back home is visiting this afternoon. We so rarely get to see each other; it will be nice to relax and visit. She also has two little boys around the same ages as Jake & Noah so they should all have fun playing together. I’m keeping it simple for dinner tonight and just ordering a pizza (though I’ll probably make a salad beforehand, so I just need to take it out of the fridge – gotta get some veggies in, right?).

Yesterday afternoon I went on a baking spree. Jake had a half-day from school, so I wanted to do some fun activities. We baked s’mores brownies (unfortunately I didn’t have any graham crackers, though), and then I made a batch of Italian anise cookies. They came out wonderfully! I will post the recipe later. Everyone enjoyed munching on the treats afterwards.

Also, Drew came home last night after a few days in Chesapeake, Va. for work. At least it was a quick trip and he didn’t need to take any luggage. With how expensive it is to check bags, he was sure to travel light! His company’s headquarters are down there and it seems like he might be heading south for business trips more often. He enjoys it though. It’s cool to actually see and talk to the people he usually only converses with via phone and e-mail. And who knows — maybe if he needs to go down there in the summer we could somehow work in a vacation to Virginia Beach! I’ve never been down there so it would be neat to see. Plus, it’s a reasonable drive. We shall see.

Well, I need to get ready for the day and return my library books this morning. Look for the cookie post later on!

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  1. Lisanne says:

    I’ve been to Virginia Beach before, although it was a *long* time ago with my parents, when I was in middle school, I think. It was pretty, but the entire time we were there, it rained! LOL! 🙂

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