Lazy Saturday

  • Slept in
  • Vacuumed floors and put away laundry 
  • Drove my daughter to meet up with a friend 
  • Wrote up a grocery list for tomorrow 
  • Picked up Noah from rehearsal 
  • Started making an Easter wreath but ran out of glue sticks 
  • Enjoyed pizza for dinner per Jake’s request 
  • Watching Murder Mystery on Netflix and relaxing before bed

VIP Patron

Meet Carmel. She is a VIP Patron here at the library! VIP = Very Important Pupper of course!

Carmel is the best dog on earth. No really, she is. I have never met a sweeter, gentler, quieter dog who follows direction. She is a pedigreed collie who was unable to breed, so one of our patrons adopted her. At first she was a little unsure around people, but she has obviously come around! I love when she comes to visit me at work. 

I am still very much a cat person, but Carmel has definitely found her way into my heart!

Waiting on the Snow

Storm, storm, storm. It’s all anyone has been talking about today. Rain or snow? How much? I thought winter was over! LOL, it was quite the day. Accumulation predictions have been reduced to 6-12″ but it’s supposed to be wet, heavy snow with wind gusts up to 40 MPH, which mean there’s high potential for downed branches and power outages. Nothing to do but wait and see!

Meanwhile, I have my meal plan ready for the week!

  • Monday: Subs
  • Tuesday: Ham, mac & cheese, steamed zucchini
  • Wednesday: Crock Pot beef stew, salad, cheddar-garlic biscuits
  • Thursday: Gyros, fries
  • Friday (St. Patrick’s Day, dispensation granted woo hoo): Corned beef sandwiches, potato salad
  • Saturday: Jake’s choice! (His last night home on spring break)

Also, we got great news over the weekend! N. was accepted into his first choice music program! I am super proud of him — he put so much work and time into this. Although this was the first acceptance letter he received, he has gone ahead and accepted. It was the program he wanted so, really, why wait and delay that decision? So we definitely celebrated his success and I can’t wait to see the amazing things he will do!

Well, I guess that is about it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with the snow update. I’m sure you all will be waiting with bated breath, LOL!

Another Monday

My weekend was too short and my Monday was too long. That’s the way it often goes, isn’t it?

I had a really busy day at work, but for some reason the time just draggged. I blame March. March is my least favorite month. It’s gray, it’s muddy, it’s cold, there are no holidays (well, except back in 2008 when Easter was super early). It’s maple syrup season, so that’s a good thing, and I know spring starts, but… honestly it doesn’t have a lot going for it.

Aside from the usual meetings and stuff at work this morning I participated in a Narcan training. It’s definitely something I have been meaning to do for a while. The course was sobering and informative and I now have my little blue bag that I will keep with me. The truth is, you never know what people are struggling with and it doesn’t matter where you live. Hopefully I will never have to use it, but I am prepared to if necessary. It’s just the reality of the time we live in, sadly.

Hmm… there’s really no elegant way to segue from that topic is there? I guess I will just totally change the subject. 

I wish I could say that I had my meal plan made up today, but I do not. However, I do have some meal ideas for the week:

  • Mediterranean Crock Pot chicken
  • Patty melts
  • Pork chops with hot peppers
  • Crock Pot beef stew

Jake is coming home for Spring Break on Friday, but I am not sure what time that will be. But I am definitely looking forward to having him home for a week! Definitely something to look forward to.