Kinder, Day 2

I am happy to report that Jake’s second day of Kindergarten was better than the first. What happened on the bus home was that some nasty child bit Jake’s finger. WTF? Naturally Jake was upset about that. He got picked on by a boy last year in preschool and I was really afraid that this was going to set the stage for a repeat performance. All morning I was worried about how the bus ride went and if he was having an OK time at school. Since we didn’t get another phone call (LOL), I figured that was a good sign and he got off the bus sweaty and hungry, but happy. He sat by himself close to the bus driver (like I told him to do), and the nasty boy didn’t bother him at all. He said he had a good time at school and sang me a song about riding the bus that they learned. They also read “The Kissing Hand” and cut out and decorated hands for the parents. And just another example of how creative and awesome his teacher is… the kids were all sent home with cut out hands for their parents to decorate and return. Then the kids will keep their parents’ hand in their cubby and if they start to miss mom or dad they can go over and get the hand. I love it! Jake is already asking when he starts to go full-day, so I’m going to take that as a good sign. They have two more half-days and then they start to go full-time. I stopped at AC Moore on the way to work today and picked up some fall-themed cookie cutters and party picks with pumpkins on top so I can use those for his lunches and snacks. I might start posting what I make for him (a la Vegan Lunchbox, though clearly not vegan and probably not as creative). I know that I love seeing what other moms are packing for their kids because it gives me ideas. Would anyone find that interesting? At any rate, I’m going to hope that things will continue to get easier for him (and me!).

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  1. Heidi says:

    I just bought a bunch of Bento box accessories myself and am going to start trying to be creative and take pictures. That being said, my kids are pretty picky eaters so I’m sure they won’t be as adventuresome as some of the ones I’ve seen.

  2. Sherry says:

    I’m definitely interested in seeing and hearing about lunches. I’m looking forward to finding some fun lunch stuff to do for Hayley. Last week I sent Alphaghetti in a cat-shaped container so I used olives for eyes and cut bologna to make the mouth and whiskers. 🙂

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