I had hoped to go to the Hudson Valley Food & Wine Festival this weekend (I had my press pass and everything, sob!!!), but I don’t think I’ll be able to get away because we just have too much going on. I love those kinds of things though. Obviously, the food & wine festivals are really of interest to me, but even when I worked for the magazine I found the telecom trade shows fun. The vendors all have SWAG (“stuff we all get”) at their booths, and I’ve picked up some interesting stuff over the years. One item that sticks out in my mind was a juggling kit. I can’t remember the company, but that was really creative. Also as an editor, I got a lot of this kind of stuff in the mail with press kits. Some companies sent personalized cups, other pens, notebooks, one sent a duffel bag with the company logo and to this day I still love using it. What are some of your favorite giveaways?

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