Kitchen Design

I’m really hot on redecorating right now. We’re still in the midst of the great den/masterbedroom switcharoo (hopefully we’ll finish tomorrow), and I’m already tweaking the living room furniture. We got a desk from Drew’s mom that we put in there and it will be great to have a place to sit with my laptop other than the kitchen island. Of course, the beauty of a laptop is sitting anywhere, but when I’m doing a lot of writing I prefer a desk when possibile. At any rate, overall I really do love my kitchen. The only thing I am not crazy about is the sink. One, it is a corner sink which I thought I’d love, but as it turns out I am not crazy about it. Two, it’s a double sink which is great, but each half is kind of small. Sometimes I wonder if one big full sink would be better. And finally, the faucet… Ugh, it’s just a cheap old contracter’s special. It would be great to replace it with one of the cool Delta faucets that I’ve seen. Of course, at least it works as-is, so I’m not going to think about doing anything now. But I do love to redesign in my head.

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