Deckwatch ’07 Is In Effect

Snow. You’re probably as obsessed with it as I am. So I’ll bring you a play-by-play of the current storm – shots taken of my deck as the snow accumulates. Oh yes, it’s thrilling isn’t it? I’ve actually already been out to shovel once so I can stay ahead of the great white menace. After lunch I’ll take the boys outside and continue chipping away at it. The good news is that it’s light and fluffy and relatively easy to shovel provided I keep up with it. I also figure that all this shovelling will allow me a nice glass of eggnog tonight. This winter wonderland makes me want to buy dozens of wholesale flowers and create my own personal spring inside my house. Alas, I’ll just have to be happy with my Christmas cactus for now. And without further adieu… Deckwatch ’07. Updated on a completely random basis:

10:30 AM (1/2 an hour after the snow began):
10:30 AM Approx. 30 minutes of snow and it's already piling up

12:00 PM
12:00 PM | Deckwatch '07 is in effect

2:00 PM
Deckwatch '07: 2PM

4:30 PM
Deckwatch '07: 4PM

6:30 PM (Final update)
Deckwatch '07: 6:30 PM


  1. Lisanne says:

    Ohhh, I *love* it! Cool idea to post pictures as updates! Our snow started falling around 10:30 a.m. or so, I think. Just posted some pictures of Luke to Flickr!

  2. flygrrl says:

    I would almost rather be in your world than mine right now. We’ve had gray skies and freezing rain for four days now. It rains at night, then the temperature plunges during the day. It just makes me feel ill. At least if I was snow-bound I could stay home and knit.

  3. jesser says:

    UGH. *so* glad it’s you and not me … of course it could be me … and really, it just was. We had snow like crazy all weekend and the first part of this week. And we’re getting more tomorrow. Argh! It will be me. Down with the white menace (huh, that sounds kinda racist … if I weren’t white as snow m’self).

  4. Shannon O. says:

    Yeah we were told we were going to get about 4 inches of snow today… with lots of ice… well the ice lasted to about 1pm and then the rain washed it all away… no snow lol… but I love the hour by hour play of the snow hehehe…

  5. Lisanne says:

    Wow!!! That’s a heck of a lot of snow. We ended up with 10 inches, and now we’re supposed to get more on Sunday! I’m trying to think of a fun FUTAB photo to do today with the snow, hehe 🙂

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