Glad I Don’t Live In NJ

I am not a believer in the flu shot. If you are — great. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. But don’t try to convince me it “works” or that it doesn’t make you sick, because I’m not buying it. There’s plenty of research out there stating that flu shots are ineffective. (And of course, believers in flu shots can counter me with studies saying it is. I’ve worked in the media and I know there is a study to support any and every point of view). Regardless, I think the flu shot is a crapshoot at best. And right about now I am really glad I am not a resident of NJ. From

New Jersey on Friday became the first state to require flu shots for preschoolers, saying their developing immune systems and likelihood of spreading germs make them as vulnerable to complications as the elderly…

A health advisory board Monday backed the new requirements on a 5-2 vote with one abstention after parents said they worried about the safety of giving young children dozens of vaccine doses.

I would be livid if I were a parent in NJ.

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  1. I agree. It’s total crap that they can do this.

  2. I’d join you in that.

    I hope they have Philosophical exemption in NJ.

  3. That’s just bollocks.

  4. I’m actually all for flu shots, both DH and I got flu shots (kids will get them soon). I have yet to get some from a flu shot (in fact, the few times I didn’t get it, I got sick so go figure). However, I do not think that parents should be required and/or forced to have their children receive a flu shot. That’s totally bogus.

  5. Oh my god – errors galore in my previous post – sorry. Think I need sleep. 🙁

  6. I do live in New Jersey. And I am very unhappy about these vaccinations. My daughter won’t be in pre-school next year, but these new Big Brother Mandating Health is scary. I already wrote to the governor and state senator.

  7. Hear, hear. I don’t think NJ has philosophical exemption yet; from what I read the bill allowing philosophical exemption has been stalled in the state legislature for years. If I lived in NJ I’d be finding me an open-minded doctor to help me come up with some kind of medical exemption. It’s ridiculous.

  8. Wow, I can’t believe that they can do that. Maybe the law will be repealed before the next school term starts. I can see it for kids in middle school or even 5th grade, but pre-school, that’s ridiculous.

  9. Well in Texas they are trying to force all girls get the cervial cancer shot… and there has only been 2 years of study on it… and they want to start giving it at age 10… just when most girls bodies are changing… and I talked to my OBGYN about this and he said that if most girls/women wouldn’t be so sexually active they wouldn’t need this shot… I just don’t think the state or fed should be able to tell us what to with our kids… I get the flu shot, but I haven’t had the flu in about 20 years… but I do it because for some reason it helps me from getting other things like sinus infections etc… But Jeremy doesn’t get the shot either…

  10. Your glad that you don’t live in New Jersey?

    Are you aware that you live within the United States? It could happen where you live next!
    Just keep voting for Socialism and government controled programs just like the Republicans and Democrats hope you will do. I’m on the side of freedom, not government force or control.

  11. Yeah, flu shot is a crap shoot. We get ’em, but I think it’s BS that they would make it mandatory. Polio vaccination, yes, but not flu or pox or cervical cancer… ugh.

  12. Human Rights Abuses says: Reply

    If a vaccine fell on the ground it would be considered dangerous toxic waste but doctors don’t seem to have a problem pumping it in to humans and even babies.

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