The Birthday Guys!

Picture 258 Yesterday we had a little party for Jake and Noah, and it was sooo nice! We only had my parents, Drew’s mom, and Drew’s aunt over. My brother and his fiancee were on vacation, and Drew’s brother wasn’t feeling well. But I have to say… it was so relaxing because there weren’t dozens of people to keep up with. As fun as parties with lots of kids can be, this was so much easier on everyone (especially me!)

The boys got a lot of great toys, including a Star Wars Transformer, an ImagiNEXT dragron, Elefun, Buckaroo, LEGOs, clothes, Spider-Man costumes, a Spider-Man fort, this crazy robotic dinosaur, clothes… and other things as well. (Clearly we don’t have any issues with letting our kids play with character toys — IMO, kids use their imaginations no matter what you put in their hands). They had a blast playing with everything. Noah did not quite “get” the whole birthday thing and freaked when we started singing, poor thing! Also, I totally forgot birthday candles (bad mommy!), so Jake just blew out a big pillar candle that I had! He didn’t even care, LOL…

The food was awesome and everyone enjoyed it, plus now we have some yummy leftovers (but not too much, thankfully). The boys were in bed early and we got everything cleaned up. I uploaded quite a few photos, so you can check those out if you’re interested. So now they have to wait another whole year until the next birthday! (And that’s fine by me!)

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  1. I’m *so* happy that everyone had a great time. Poor Noah about the singing ~ that *would* be kind of overwhelming, I would think! Lots of attention ~ I always feel self-conscious when people sing to me! hehe 🙂 I *love* that picture of Jake and Noah on the swingset. Glad you had lots of fun! The food looked amazing. Sorry Drew’s brother isn’t feeling well ~ hope it’s nothing serious and that he gets back to 100 percent soon.

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