Cleaning and organizing spree

Maybe it’s the chilly weather we’re having, or the idea that “back to school” is just around the corner, but I have totally been in Suzy Homemaker mode lately. Of course, the birthdays are always a good time to purge old clothes and toys, so that was inspiration too. I currently have two large bags of donations just from the boys, and it feels so good to be cleaning this stuff out! I sorted all the 3T clothes in a tote and this time did it in such a way that made sense (e.g., all the turtlenecks together, all the sweatpants together, etc.) Previously I’d been so pressed for time that I just threw all same-sized clothes in together. The 4T stuff I put in a Space Bag (I kid you not — those things are awesome!) and I’ll probably stash that in the attic. The fall 2T stuff is also in a tote and ready for me to get into. Jake was already wearing 3T stuff at this age! I think because Noah started walking so early he never got chubby. I still have to go through all of Jake’s 5T and 6T stuff and assess the wear and tear, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far. The sheer amount of clothing is just crazy, though, and I’m thankful they are the same “season” and Noah is able to make good use of hand-me-downs!

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  1. Yeah … it’s great that you’re so organized with all of those clothes. My friend Staci gave us *all* of her son’s old 2T, 3T, 4T clothing because they’re not having any more children. How cool is that? Lucas has an entirely new wardrobe now! Score!

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