Prognosis: Negative

This has been a crappy week all around. I thought it couldn’t get worse but, as usual, I was wrong. This morning my 18 month old child spilled water on my laptop. I fear that it is fried. I turned it upside down on a towel on the bed to get all the water out. Drew said to just leave it alone and let it dry completely. I am going to freak out if it’s totally a loss. (I’m now using the crappy computer in the basement which is good for nothing, really, except the occasional e-mail check). I had high hopes for 2007, but so far it sucks just as bad as 2006 and 2005. I must be marked, or something. I am so sick of this. Why can’t something go my way?

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  1. Don’t you get *so* tired sometimes of them constantly breaking stuff??? hehe 🙂 I know how you feel. When Lucas broke our digital camera, I was *so* mad. I know that it’s just a thing, but still … it’s not so much the things that you have to *buy* when you have kids but the things that you have to REPLACE! LOL! 🙂

  2. Love this new design, BTW!

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