Big Mac Attack

book.jpgI am not ashamed to admit it: I love fast food. Well, some of it, anyway. I know that these days everyone claims how much they hate it, and while I do hate the fat and calories, I can’t say I hate some tastey burgers or tacos. Then, earlier this week I heard about the book “Fast Food Fix” by Devin Alexander. It sounded like a cook book I would really enjoy so I ran out and got it. The first recipe in the book is a makeover for my favorite sandwich, the Big Mac. (I found the recipe online too, if you want to try it without buying the book.) So last night I was depressed about my laptop and I decided to give the recipe a try. Oh. My. Goodness. It really tastes as good as the original! I was stunned… stunned! I can now make healthier Big Macs at home (and they are so easy!). After all, it’s all about the sauce, and her recipe totally is it. I also made up and froze some tiny square burgers to make Slyders (Drew’s favorite) when we get back from vacation. The other made-over recipe I can’t wait to try is the one for Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I am going to have a lot of fun experimenting with recipes from this cook book! 

2 thoughts to “Big Mac Attack”

  1. Sounds like an interesting book. And if the Wendy’s spicy chicken redo really tastes good, that alone would be worth the cost of the book to me!!

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