Soup Rocks

Mmm. Yesterday I made the best pot of chicken soup. Last week I had boiled down rotisserie chicken leftovers to make stock, and it came out so full-flavored. The soup I made yesterday just tasted so rich; I wish it wasn’t all gone! My brother and I were totally spoiled growing up because with the exception of tomato soup, all the other soups we ate were homemade by my mom or Babci (that’s “grandmother” in Polish, if you haven’t heard it before). I think one of the reasons I loved my Babci’s soup so much was because she chopped everything up so teeny tiny. Yes, I know on the soup commercials they brag about “big chunks of chicken and vegetables,” but… I don’t know. To me that just doesn’t taste as good as the itty-bitty cubes of potato, carrot, and celery. So that’s what I did. Typically I like barley in my soup, but I decided to be crazy and go with egg noodles because I thought Jake would be more likely to eat them than the barley (and I was right).

Also, Drew had a funny story earlier. I’m working tonight and he called and was looking for dinner ideas for the boys. I told him that Jake would eat the rest of the soup and to take a container of beef and bean stew out of the freezer for Noah. He warmed it up in the microwave and then set it on the counter. Meanwhile, he was putting Jake’s soup on the table and he turned around and saw that in a matter of about 20 seconds Noah had stepped on the bottom of the stove (you know, the drawer thing that electric stoves have), had somehow opened up the spice drawer which is right next to the stove, had gotten a spoon, knocked the bowl into the drawer and somehow with the spoon moved it closer to him, and was eating the stew like that. He makes me crazy with his fearlessness! (Don’t worry, the stove was NOT hot.) But I guess he really does like that stew! He just couldn’t wait to eat it!

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