50 Things to Eat Before You Die

While I’m thinking of food and wine, I thought I’d go through the BBC’s list of 50 foods one should eat in their lifetime. (I’ve seen this on a few blogs).

1. Fresh fish – As opposed to frozen? Yes, of course!
2. Lobster – Yes. I love the old version of lobster pie that they served at The Publick House. The new version is still good, but not as good as the original.
3. Steak – Of course! I could never go veg because I love steak too much. Just make mine medium or medium-rare.
4. Thai food – Yes.
5. Chinese food – Yes.
6. Ice cream – Yes, in all varieties from Hoodsie Cups to gourmet ice creams to the ice cream I make myself.
7. Pizza – You betcha!
8.Crab – Yes! One of my favorite honeymoon memories is sitting outside at a wonderful restaurant in Arcachon Bay, France, eating crab legs.
9. Curry – Yes.
10. Prawns – I think so, but I’m not positive.
11. Moreton Bay Bugs – No.
12. Clam chowder – Both the New England and Manhattan varieties, yes and yes!
13. Barbecues – Yes.
14. Pancakes – Yes, and I think I make some excellent apple pancakes if I say so myself.
15. Pasta – Yes!
16. Mussels – Yes!
17. Cheesecake- Hello, I live in New York! Yes!
18. Lamb – Yes, and I hate it. Vile, vile meat. Unless it’s that spam-lamb they use for gyros.
19. Cream tea- No, but it sounds delicious and I’m sure I’d gobble it up.
20. Alligator- No.
21. Oysters -Yes.
22. Kangaroo – No.
23. Chocolate – Yes
24. Sandwiches- Yes!
25. Greek – Yes!
26. Burgers – Yes! I like them a little pink inside, but a little more well-done than my steaks.
27. Mexican food – Yes!
28. Squid- Yes, and I don’t care for it.
29. American diner breakfast – Yes! I miss the breakfasts at The Rosebud Diner in Somerville.
30. Salmon- Yes. Not crazy about a big salmon steak, but I like it in sushi and sometimes smoked salmon on a bagel.
31. Venison – Yes. Not crazy about it.
32. Guinea pig – I hope they are kidding about this one.
33. Shark – Have not tried it, but I’d like to.
34. Sushi – Yum! Eating it right now, actually!
35. Paella – Ew. Too many things thrown into one dish. Not my taste.
36. Barramundi – No.
37. Reindeer – No.
38. Kebab – Yes.
39. Scallops- Oh yes! I love broiled scallops. Delish!
40. Australian meat pie – No. Pies are for fruit.
41. Mango – I love mango so much that in high school I wrote a zine called “Mango Soup”.
42. Durian fruit – No.
43. Octopus- No. I don’t like squid so I doubt I’ll like octopus.
44. Ribs – Yes
45.Roast beef – Yes
46. Tapas – Yes
47. Jerk chicken/pork- Yes
48. Haggis – No
49. Caviar- No.
50. Cornish Pastry- No

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  1. I did this too, it’s over at my blog.

  2. Haggis… ewwwww! Nevah! 🙂

  3. American Southern style collard greens was not on the list, ya don’t know whatcha missin.

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