Thanksgiving Prep

No, I’m not talking about cutting and chopping veggies. I’m talking about getting ready to eat all that yummy food, LOL! Every time I open the fridge, though, I see the container of olives and the herbs de Provence salami that I bought to bring to my mother-in-law’s house, and it’s taking everything I have to not dive right in. I wonder if there is a surge of weight loss and fat burning pills like Decaslim immediately after Thanksgiving. You know, because people only have a week or two between T-Day and Christmas, LOL! I admit that I am already going a little heavy on the cookies. That needs to stop or else I’ll gain all my pregnancy weight before the end of the year. At least for us, it’s just the two big holidays. We don’t have any parties to go to where I might be tempted by lots of bad, yummy food. I don’t know how people do it when they have a full social calendar!

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  2. I’d say since you are pregnant and this is your last baby that you enjoy yourself! 😉

  3. I sure didn’t help anything with the cookies that I made, huh? LOL! 🙂

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