Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, I had time to read 😉 These days, however, my magazine pile is about a foot high. Let’s not even talk about my stack of books. I often wonder if I’d be better off using our iPad as an e-reader. There are plenty of free books online downloads that I could try it out without spending a ton on the newest best-sellers. Then again, knowing my track record with technology, maybe it’s better if I still to low-fi paperbacks. (After all, it was about a year ago when I smashed my last laptop… I am still so sad when I think about that.)

Hopefully once we’re in the school groove I’ll feel like cozying up at night with a cup of tea and a good novel. But right now I feel like I’m frantically trying to finish up sewing and crochet projects that are scattered all over the house!

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