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Eh, not much is new, really. Same old day-to-day stuff, I guess. Over the weekend we went to a Harvest Festival fundraiser for J.’s nursery school. It was at Roseland Ranch and the owner donating everything — the use of the grounds (which included things like horse rides, hay rides, archery, shooting range use — that kind of weirded me out for a preschool event, but the range was not in the immediate vicinity — and food except beer, wine, and soda). The food was really good, too: hamburgers, hot dogs with chili and sauerkraut if you wanted it, BBQ chicken, fries, homemade mac & cheese, salad, cake, Jell-O, soft-serv ice cream, some pastries, coffee, tea (Starbucks and Tazo!), fruit punch, iced tea, lemonade… it was a huge undertaking and incredibly generous to donate everything.

J. had a great time riding a horse for the first time. All the kids were so cute! Of course, I naively went thinking that possibly I might make a mom-friend there, after all our kids are the same age and go to the same school, right? Ha! Of course not. Typical small-town stuff, I guess. Everyone seems to have either gone to high school together or their kids already have a year of preschool under their belts and they all know each other. No one would talk to us, it was totally bizarre. Hopefully we’ll be moving on soon anyway. Do I really want to invest energy into a flimsy friendship when we’re not staying here permanently? Anyway…

Beautiful weather we’ve been having this week (high 70s/low 80s) and it’s supposed to continue right through Columbus Day weekend, though a bit cooler and more autumnal, which I prefer. I’m totally excited about getting away for our overnight! The foliage should be gorgeous.

I am on pins and needles and will be for the next few weeks. My camera broke so I had to mail it to the Canon Service Center to have it repaired. Naturally I insured the package and did delivery confirmation, but I’m nervous that it’s not going to get there, or not going to get back to me. Luckily I have my old Olympus to use. But it’s still so sad. I’d love to have that camera for this weekend! ::sniff::

I also mailed out my two current swap packages yesterday so I’m all caught up on that. I’m so excited to find out my partner for Secret Pal 9! I should find out in time to do a little shopping at the Sheep & Wool Festival in a couple weeks. Speaking of knitting, I frogged that multi-directional scarf I was working on. I just didn’t like it. It was a chore to knit, I didn’t like the way the colors were looking, and so I unravelled the thing. I really need to finish up the last little projects I’m working on right now, and start on a gift for my brother’s girlfriend (N.’s Godmother). Her birthday is just a few days before mine, so I need to get cracking.

Ugh, in my bedroom I currently have two totes of winter clothes that I need to trade out with my spring/summer stuff. Plus I have a pile of clothing that needs to be donated. Suffice it to say the bedroom is a huge mess and I really should be doing that instead of wasting time online. Maybe that’s a good project for tonight 🙂

I just feel like this whole house is in shambles because everything has to be taken out of its proper place if it’s anywhere near the path of Hurricane N. I had to put all of our dining room chairs in the basement because he climbs on them and then sits on the table. The stools for the kitchen weren’t safe either, so when he’s awake those go ON the dining room table. He still manages to sit on the kitchen table (often to eat) because I really can’t put every single chair in the cellar. And he’s probably safer sitting on the table with me right there, than standing on a chair. Sigh… He also climbs up the “rock wall” on the playset outside with no problem. This kid is either part cat or a decendant of Spider-Man with all the climbing. And he is not even 14 months old yet!

Needless to say, I am beat these days. Ah, weekend away… you can’t come soon enough!

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  1. plum says:

    How sucky that no one would be more friendly. I wish I lived closer because I certainly would be hanging out with you. Perhaps things will change once J enters kindergarten, I’m hoping the same will go for me too with T. I guess we’ll have to see.

    And reading about N’s climbing skills is a little scary considering I’ll be having a crawler next year. I’m hoping that M will be just like T, not into as much stuff!

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