What a little elbow grease can do

So, in an effort to improve our home’s “curb appeal” (a term that makes me gag), we’ve been doing some minor landscaping in front. It didn’t take much — just a few bags of cedar mulch, a couple flats of flowers, and a few hours’ worth of weeding but I think it has made a huge difference in the appearance! The mulch really makes everything “pop” in addition to adding some color. We have a couple mums, some petunias, and some marigolds (which Jake picked out because apparently they were talking about marigolds on an episode of Max and Ruby. I will have to remember to take some photos. Drew also added some stepping stones to make a path to the front steps and redid the bottom step (which was a little steep and awkward to climb). This weekend if he has time he might stain everything so it matches. We’re trying to do a bunch of little projects like this and then we’re going to relist the house. It has to sell, right? Third time’s a charm, right? I hope so because I just can’t take it anymore!


  1. Lisanne says:

    Good luck. Just out of my own selfishness (having you so close by!), I don’t want you to move! hehe 🙂 But … I do hope that everything goes just fine this third time.

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