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Nothing terribly exciting on the menu this week, but it seems there is a bit of comfort food. Must be the cooler temperatures influencing me! It’s been great not having to have the fan on at night, and actually wanting to snuggle up in my blankets! No complaints here. I’m anticipating that we will get more eggplant tomorrow (gah!!!), but luckily we have two parties this weekend so I think I’ll make baba ganoush or caponata. Or both 😉 Here’s my plan:

Sunday: Sandwiches
Monday: Fried chicken, green beans, pasta salad
Tuesday: Bacon-cheddar-jalepeno burgers, potato soup with leek and fennel (from the freezer)
Wednesday: Roast beef, au gratin potatoes, CSA veggies
Thursday: Penne a la vodka, salad, special dessert for Jake’s birthday
Friday: Out (I think we’re going to surprise the boys with a birthday visit to Kid’s Kingdom, and a quick dinner at McDonald’s).
Saturday: Chicken fajitas (Jake’s party is in the afternoon, so I want something easy since I know I’ll be wiped out!)

Actually, the party is pretty easy since it’s just snacks and cake. That shouldn’t be much trouble. Then, on Sunday our family is coming up to celebrate the boys’ birthdays. (Plus, my BIL’s birthday is on Sunday as well! He and Noah are birthday buddies!). I’m going to grill London broil (which is on sale this week, making it super cheap) and make black bean salad, some other kind of salad using CSA veggies, and have the usual pretzels, chips, etc. For the kids’ party on Saturday I’m making a “dirt” cake and then on Sunday I’m making a “sand” cake. Yeah, I know I am taking an easy way out. Trust me – I am well aware. But the boys seem happy with the idea and sometimes less is more, you know?

For more idea, check out Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie.

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  1. Lisanne says:

    Sounds like a GREAT plan to me. Yes, I agree … simple is better lots of times! Mmm, all that food sounds delicious. I heard yesterday from a friend that some kind of peppers have salmonella at the moment! Not sure whether they’re jalapenos or what. I want pictures of the dirt and sand cakes!!!

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