This Is What I Get For Being Organized

My Christmas shopping was figuratively done before Thanksgiving (that is, I knew exactly what I was buying), and officially done within the week following Thanksgiving. That included two Barnes & Noble gift cards for Jake’s nursery school teachers. I thought it was a great idea — one that they could use themselves, or if they preferred they could use it to buy a book for school. Well, yesterday one of the notices in Jake’s backpack was about teachers’ gifts.

They (“they” being the co-op committee) have decided to get an AmEx gift certificate for the teachers and if you want to contribute money towards it, please have it in by December 20th. Now, I’m guessing that this was meant to simplify things for people. I can imagine that teachers get tons of crap they just don’t want (how many scented candles can one really use, not to mention apple-themed items). But really… is a little more than half a week too much to ask? Why could they not have organized this at the beginning of the month? Maybe my expectations for the real world are just unrealistic. Anyway, I don’t want to be the only one whose name isn’t on the card, so I’ll participate. I really just wish they gave more notice. I guess Drew will be getting a couple gift cards in his stocking. Sigh…


  1. amy says:

    Yeah, that’s too late to really help anyone. I pray Olivia’s school doesn’t do that since I got a Target giftcard for her teacher a month ago! I definitely don’t want to do the candles/apple themed gifts for her, can only imagine they’d have a house-full of those things pretty quickly!

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