Sing it with me…

All by myse-eeeellllph. Don’t wanna be… All by myself. Anymore.

OK, so it’s not entirely true. The husband has a meeting tomorrow in the Boston area and I need to work both today and tomorrow evening, so he and the boys are staying overnight at my mom’s in the western part of Mass. and she’s going to watch them while he’s at his meeting. That means that I have tomorrow morning and early afternoon all to myself! This means that I get to sleep until 6:30, maybe even 7 (I’m just crazy, aren’t I?). Theoretically I could sleep later, but I’m so used to getting up at the crack of dawn, that I will be surprised if I sleep until 6:30, honestly. But then I can watch morning news shows instead of Noggin! I also have big plans to mail out two swap packages and most of my Christmas cards. I also plan on leisurely browsing through Sephora and aร‚ย couple other non-kid-friendly stores, as well as enjoying a lunch out, during which I will not have anyone smearing food on me or throwing food at me. And then I get to see my cuties sleeping all snug when I come home in the evening. It will be a good day ๐Ÿ™‚


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