the back-to-school update

OK, ok. I’m catching slowly but surely. Well, the boys started school last Wednesday! Noah began Kindergarten and Jake started third grade. Things are going great so far for both of them. Noah loves going to school and today is his first full day. In our school district, kindergartners go to school for half a day for the first five school days to ease them in. I think the approach works really well. Noah is very much a go-with-the-flow kind of guy (in fact that’s one of his favorite sayings). I really wasn’t concerned because he was so ready for school. And there haven’t been any issues. He loves his teacher, loves his classmates, and loves learning.

Third grade is where school starts getting more serious, which I think is a good thing for Jake. They have homework four nights a weeks and it takes about 30 minutes to finish everything up. It’s not overwhelming at all — it’s just enough, I think. His class is starting to learn cursive writing. Jake has been wanting to learn how to write in cursive…. oh, since he could print, basically. His “a”s are looking good, he just needs to work on the correct slant. I’m really pleased they still teach cursive here. A lot of schools don’t bother anymore and that’s a shame.

Since we’re not that far into the year, there isn’t much to report just yet. We’re waiting for Cub Scouts to start back up and Jake wants to take one after-school program. Noah wasn’t interested just yet, so maybe in the spring there will be something that piques his interest.

It feels good to be back in the swing of things, and it’s amazing how much I get done during the day with the two of them at school. Even though I still have Laura under foot, I’m able to quickly move through my daily chores.

Let’s see… what else? Laura has her 15 month-old check up today so we’ll see how much the peanut has grown since June. After that I think I’m going to head over to Kohl’s. I’d like to pick up a few wardrobe staples for fall and I have a 20% off coupon. Maybe they will have some long-sleeve vintage t shirts (well, replicas). I’d also like a new scarf or two. We’ll see how good the sales are 🙂

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  1. Kathy says:

    I can’t believe the oldest of the cousins is the teeniest 🙂 As long as she is healthy.
    I hit Kohl’s today with my 30% off coupon! First time I ever got one that high. Spent way too much. May be bringing some things back.

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