Sinterklaas Celebration

So, the plan today was to attend some of the events going on at the Rhinebeck Sinterklaas Festival. Last spring, there were mentions of it in the school newsletter. They were starting to collect all kinds of baubles from glitter and feathers to buttons. This is for the children to make crowns and wands and things to carry in tonight’s parade. In addition to that, there’s all kinds of storytelling, puppet shows, events, and of course Santa and the town tree lighting.

I was starting to get excited about going and the “Grumpuses” even visited the elementary school and danced for the kids, which got Jake super excited about it. Of course, this morning he has been nothing less than a grinch, so now I am not so sure about going. It’s not going to be any fun if he’s full of bad attitude. Sigh… I hate to have the whole day ruined. Hopefully he can turn it around, because it’s a really special event that I think everyone will enjoy. But at the same time, I’m not going to reward bad behavior. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I have stacks of laundry and dishes to deal with, so I might as well get that done.

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  1. I’m sorry! I hope that you guys are able to go! Sounds like a huge celebration. I’m going to bake sugar cookies today and attend a meeting at our town hall ~ hopefully also do some knitting! 🙂 That dishcloth that you recommended has been REALLY easy so far. Love it!

  2. Hope you made it to Sinterklaas. I did and it was magical. One of the best paradesI have ever seen! The puppets were fantastic and the outdoor stage show was wonderful. All the events throughout the town during the day were great, too. A real sense of community and a real sense of wonder! If you missed it, be sure to schedule it for next year!

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