Not The Day It Was Supposed To Be

So we ended up not going to Sinterklaas at all yesterday. No one ever said that parenting is easy, and unfortunately this was one of those circumstances where it ended up sucking for everyone. I really, really wanted to go and often when it’s an event either Drew or I want to attend, we’ll go anyway. But we felt we had to put our collective feet down yesterday. All week I had been struggling with the boys not picking up (even after me repeatedly asking them to do so… I’m talking three or four times here). We’ve also had some lovely 6-year-old attitude (something I am sure some of you can relate to) and I was sick of it.

We’d had a great visit with friends on Friday night and I explained to the boys that if they wanted to go to yesterday’s festival, they would have to finish cleaning their room in the morning. There wasn’t even all that much to clean up. It would have taken me 10 minutes, so it should have taken them about 20 minutes. Three hours and about 20 scoldings later it was finally done. The entire morning had been wasted because of their stubborness. I felt that I had to keep my word, and we did. No one was happy, but I’m hoping they learned a lesson.

So instead of having a fun afternoon, the boys were sequestered inside with no TV and Drew and I froze our buns off cleaning the leaves out of the gutters. (It was freezing and honestly I am not sure how long the kids would have lasted at the event anyway). At least we were able to turn the day around a little bit. They had picked up the toys they played with while we were outside, so we took them to shop for each other’s stocking stuffers. (Jake picks for Noah and Noah picks for Jake.) After that we ended up at Friendly’s for dinner and ended up having an OK night. Jake realized there are consequences for his actions, so hopefully he’ll remember that. I’m sure some people will think I’m the mean, strict mommy but such is life. Both my parents and Drew’s parents were strict with us (I would venture to say stricter than we are with our children), and I think because of that we turned out to be pretty focussed, disciplined individuals who clean up after ourselves!

There is always next year for the festival and I hope to do some fun Christmas activities with the boys today. I’m about to take Jake to Sunday school and I am going to do some grocery shopping while he is in class. I’m thinking about maybe renting a Christmas movie from the Redbox for this afternoon. It snowed lightly last night so it has that Christmas feeling. We might also put the lights up outside today. Hopefully today will be a bit better than yesterday.

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  1. I think you did the right thing… I know my parents did things like that all the time… I know it sucked but he will be a better person for it later… we are working on the same stuff with Lorelei and I want to beat my head against the wall some days…

  2. We’ve done things like that before. It sucks, especially when it’s something the whole family was looking forward to, but I think it makes an impression. At least that’s what I tell myself ; )

  3. You totally did the right thing. I’m sorry about the attitude. Lucas behaved *horribly* on Saturday during a meeting that I had to attend and then again at our neighbor’s house on Sunday. Ugh ~ I almost wanted to cry because it feels like I can’t do anything anymore. 🙁 (Well, with the exception of the hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when they’re asleep!) Sorry it wasn’t the best day. So what are you going to do stocking-wise when baby #3 comes? 🙂 That’s a great idea. Maybe we’ll do that with Luke and Meri this year!

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