It’s Nuts Out There!

Oh my goodness, I hope none of you have to venture to any big box store or mall in the next week. It is crazy out there. Last night I ran into Target for a couple small things since I was in the area. How bad could it be, right? Well, the place was like a war zone! I am not even kidding — people had crazed looks on their faces and they were just throwing iPods and toys and whatever else they could find into their carts (I assume they were going to be Christmas gifts). The displays were a mess. There was even an old guy on a stretcher near the lingerie department. There’s a joke in there, but I won’t make it because I felt bad for him. It’s like at this time of year, people lose all common sense and don’t even think about their purchases. You’d think that, for example, if one wanted to buy weight loss drugs one would research the best diet pills, right? Why aren’t people thinking about that crappy toaster oven they just threw into their cart? The sad part is, I am not even joking.

Walmart was no different this morning. I know, I know — why did I torture myself? Truthfully, I needed to go grocery shopping and figured I’d suffer through WM since I had a couple non-food items on the list too. And while I was prepared for the Christmas shoppers, I had forgotten that people would be nutty stocking up for this snow storm we’re supposed to get tomorrow — possibly as much as 14 inches. You can only imagine the frenzy that puts people into as well. It’s like they won’t survive for one day if they don’t have three gallons of milk or ten extra pairs of socks. Somehow I managed to keep a smile on my face (most of the time) and only forgot a few inconsequential items.

I can’t say that I’m above storm-panic (though I consider myself storm-cautious). I had an interview scheduled with a local florist for tomorrow mid-afternoon (a feature story I’m writing), but I decided to call and reschedule. I felt a little bit like a schmuck, but according to the weather reports, the heaviest snowfall will be occuring while I’d be driving over and interviewing this person. The way I see it, it’s extra stress I don’t need to deal with. (Especially after last week’s ice storm – ugh!).

We’ll see how much we actually get, but seems like we just might have a white Christmas this year.

5 Replies to “It’s Nuts Out There!”

  1. those stores in my area have been really calm if not dead at times when I have been there… nothing crazy there… the crazy has been at the grocery store… nuts buying nuts lol…

  2. I guess it’s good for the economy right?
    Found you through Google Alerts for Local Florist. What was the article about?

  3. I was just thinking the same thing. Good for the economy.

  4. It’s only good for the economy if the people can actually afford the stuff and pay their bills.

  5. It’s been so quiet in our town, not too different from any other week really, it’s quite surprising. That being said, I’m not venturing anywhere other than the supermarket this week, as it’s likely to be busier for Mon/Tue/Wed, and crazy after Christmas. It doesn’t look like much stock has moved in shops here and people are waiting for the sales.

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