Snow Day

obligatory 1st snow of the year house photo

Wow, it is really coming down out there! I would say we have about 5 inches of snow so far and it started just before noon. Since school was cancelled today (I anticipated that yesterday), I let the boys make snowman sundaes this afternoon. Originally I thought it would be fun for the first day of winter, but it made much more sense on such a snowy afternoon! This one is Jake’s and this one is Noah’s.

The boys played out in the snow for a bit and I snapped a couple pictures (also on Flickr). The only problem is that my D40 is so bulky out there when it’s snowing like mad. It got me thinking that maybe I should research some inexpensive point-and-shoot digital cameras so I have a teeny little one to just stick in my pocket. Then again, I suppose I could always use Drew’s… I just never think of it.

Anyway, I think the plan for the evening is to eat something for dinner after Drew comes in from snowblowing, and then we’ll probably watch a movie tonight and I shall work on some knitting projects. Stay warm 🙂

4 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Sara

    I have an old Sony Cybershot T-33 I take everywhere with me. I use it so much! You should get a Sony, you will love it.

    I like the photo, lotsa snow you can keep vs. sending it down here! 🙂 Keep warm!

  2. Lisanne

    Your house is just *so* beautiful.

    We just bought a Nikon Coolpix (very portable ~ lighter than a credit card, almost!) to take with us for quick shots (like at our train station’s holiday party today).

    Knitting sounds nice. I might make myself some hot cocoa and do the same!

  3. Jenn

    How do you like your D40? I have a Sony that I love but it’s over three years old and has taken a ridiculous amount of pictures – it’s showing its age. I won’t be able to buy a new one any time soon but really need to find a way in the next year. I’m finding I’m taking so many fewer pictures because it’s just gotten so slow – that and the boys have gotten faster!

  4. Shannon

    the house looks so pretty in the snow with the lights… and i had never heard of snowman sundays… they are so cute… i will have to let lorelei do that sometime… hehehe…


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