More Basement Thoughts…

When we got the Sunday paper this week, we were checking out the bars advertised in the Namco flyer and the more we think about it, the more we think we’ll probably try to focus on a nice-sized wall unit/hutch and maybe just a small actual bar. I don’t know how often we’d really be sitting at the bar itself, but it would be nice to have something just for looks. I’ve also been thinking about how to decorate down there, and being that Drew is a big film buff, it would be cool to frame some posters of his favorite movies (I was inspired by Lisanne, who for her husband’s birthday, got all the materials to have his Star Wars movie posters framed). It would be awesome if I could find some rare movie posters, but reproductions of some of the classics would work just fine. Drew is so not a sports guy, so there is no way sports memorbilia makes sense. I think film is totally the way to go.

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  1. This makes me think … what would I frame for my hubby. He likes his movies and his sports, but he’s not fanatical about either. I’d probably have to frame a programming manual or a copy of Fine Woodworking … hehe. I guess everyone’s got their thing. Some more frameable than others.

  2. Jesser ~ definitely frame some of the photographs that you’ve taken! You sure have plenty that are frameworthy.

    Carol ~ I like that idea. Jeff is *so* psyched about his “Star Wars” posters! 🙂 And I actually think that they will look OK in our bonus room. I love the idea of film posters … what about music posters, even? Since he’s a musician?

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