Menu Plan Monday, 2023 Week 5

I’m already two dinners into the week, but better late than never for my Meal Planning Monday post, right? Well, you’ll have to forgive me — we were dealing with some heating issues today (all fixed for now, thankfully). As you can imagine, I was otherwise occupied! 

Anyway, I wanted to mention that last week got thrown so off the rails. I am not sure why I even made a meal plan up because I barely followed it at all. We will see if this week goes any better! Hopefully it will.

Sunday: MYO pizza (we use an Aldi cheese pizza and everyone tops a quarter of it with their favorite toppings), Buffalo wings.

  • Monday: Drew’s marinara with hot Italian sausage, whole wheat spaghetti, Caesar salad
  • Tuesday: Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans
  • Wednesday: Something in the Crock Pot – haven’t decided yet
  • Thursday: Cod piccata, roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli
  • Friday: Probably take-out
  • Saturday: Copycat Texas Roadhouse Roadkill burgers, oven fries, garden salad

For baking, I have some tired bananas for banana bread will definitely be find its way into the oven on Wednesday. I also have a new recipe for Indian Lentil Soup that I want to try. I’m hoping it’s close the soup I used to get an a local Indian restaurant. 

Are you trying any new recipes this week?

One thought on “Menu Plan Monday, 2023 Week 5

  1. Jean

    Glad you got your heating fixed. It’s been so cold here the past two days, can’t imagine having the heat go out! Your menu sounds delicious. Never thought of just getting a cheese pizza and having everyone add to it. What a wonderful idea. I did try to use up a can of grocery store frosting turning it into cookies with a recipe found on-line. First time in a long time, I’ve thrown the cookie dough and the cookies in the trash. Yes, that bad. Hope you have lots of success with your new recipes. Have a great week!


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