This Makes My Day!

tp2.jpgI have been waiting for this since I got Season 1 for Christmas back in 2001! It’s been five long years, but Twin Peaks Season two is going to be released on April 10!!! I don’t get all “fangirl” over a lot of shows, but this is one of the select few. Oh, I’m so psyched! I watched this show religiously when I was in high school and even wrote a paper on it in college. When it arrives, I’m going to bake a cherry pie, make a damn fine cup of coffee, and have a Twin Peaks marathon!


  1. margie says:

    I’m so excited to see this! Bill never watched TP, then I asked him to buy Season 1. We watched it again and again. Everytime we’d be out at a video store, we’d ask if there was any news about it being released. FINALLY!! He’s as addicted as I am, and he can find out what happens… I’ve never told him!

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