Mad Science Has Arrived!


Look what came in yesterdays’s mail! A big box of 100 + Mad Science game decks! Drew is just waiting on a shipment of t-shirts before he can start sending out fun packages to all of his amazing Kickstarter supporters.

It’s been really cool to see who is interested in the game. People all over the world pledged, which was really exciting. We had a few people in the military, too. And even some local people right here in the Hudson Valley that we don’t even know. One of the great things about card games is that, unlike video games, you never have to worry about the power going out and not being able to play, or a video card not working (because really… who pays for computer insurance)? Just open up the deck and deal ’em out!

We’ve all been having fun playing Mad Science after dinner in the evenings. Drew will have decks available for order soon, so if you missed out on his Kickstarter don’t worry — you’ll have another chance!

Mad about Mad Science the Card Game

Some of you may have noticed the widget over there to the right, the one about something called “Mad Science the Card Game.” If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then chances are you’ve heard all about it, but in case you haven’t, let me tell you!

Several months ago, my husband came up with a concept for a card game. It involved funky creatures, a diabolical scheme, and many cheesy puns. He drew everything freehand (and had some help from our boys, too), and we did a lot of play testing to make sure the game played out the way it should. Then he decided to put it up on Kickstarter to gain some interest.

Basically, it’s a way for him to pre-sell the game. When you pledge your support, there are a variety of incentives (including the game itself, optional expansion packs, and tee-shirts… sorry no golf ball logos though). Here’s a video we made gives you a better idea about what Mad Science the Card Game is all about:

We’re getting close to our goal of $1,500, which isn’t a lot — there’s no profit at this level. All the funds will go toward ordering game packs for our backers and to place in retail outlets, for marketing, and for other related expenses. Although it’s not a “kids game” per se, it is definitely family-friendly!

It’s so exciting when people are interested in something you created from scratch! Drew was interviewed for a locally-based podcast (I’ll put up the link when it’s ready), and he was also interviewed for the super fun blog All Geek to Me.

We’re really hopeful that we can make this happen. Please check it out on Kickstarter, and help us spread the word!