Spam totals for today

I decided to take a good look at all the spam that finds its way into my e-mail in-box and for the sake of curiosity I categorized it. Here’s how it broke down:

2 e-mail messages about nuphedrine weight loss pills
2 e-mail messages about winning a Panasonic HD TV
3 e-mail messages about a “blue sexy pill” (what the heck is that?)
4 e-mail messages about payday loans
6 e-mail messages alerting me that I need to pickup my Walmart Gift Card
12 e-mail messages related to real estate of some sort

… And that’s when I got bored. Seriously, do people really respond to these things? Aren’t they clued in by now? I guess someone is responding because the volume of these solicitations hasn’t decreased. Luckily, I have a junk mail folder and rarely loook at this stuff unless I have nothing else to blog about! 😉

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  1. I want the blue sexy pill. Tell me how to get it. 😀

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