My Thrilling Day

My Thrilling Day!

You can view the set of photos here if you want to read my witty commentary. Thanks again to Shanny for hosting this – it was a lot of fun! (And now I have a new blog to read, too!) Before I watch “Dazed & Confused” for the millionth time I’m going to continue watching Channel 7’s special on Wintuk — the show Jake went to see today. Is it wrong to be jealous of my kid? Because I wanna go!!!!

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  1. adam says:

    1. Nice hoodie. Regis currently has 2 (post-op M2F) female alumnae and I’m pretty sure you’re not one of them. I call shenanigans!
    2. It is because of you that I’ve discovered the joys of Frank’s Red Hot. A thousand thanks. There are still instances where Tabasco is called for, but Frank’s is much more a general-use sauce.

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