Let There Be Light

My parents have offered to buy us new table lamps for Christmas, and I am so excited about this! The lamps in our living room are actually the lamps my mom got for her bridal shower… in 1974. It’s magical what new shades can do, though. People rarely believe they are that dated, and I actually still like them quite a bit. However, it will be great to upgrade. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find table lamps that are not completely ugly. I’ve looked at all the major department stores, cruised sites that sell all kinds of light fixtures, and I’m coming up blank. I would say that our style is mishmash of American traditional/French country/Contemporary country (that is – no cows, pigs, bears — none of the cutesy stuff, but plenty of antique decor). If you have any suggestions as to where I can look, please help me out!

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  1. We have had ours for a few years, I bought them at Home Depot of all places. Really reasonable too!

  2. Mine by the couch are from Lowes.

  3. Got two of mine from local furniture stores – the one in my bedroom from Target. Check them out – and Pottery Barn / Crate n Barrel 🙂

  4. Ours came from like …. ??!? some home goods store. They blend into the room and you don’t really notice them. Which is pretty much what I had in mind. Blah. They’re all expensive and I don’t like most of them.

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