Jesus was a Jedi

We have one of those Advent calendars that have the pockets that you can stick little trinkets in. Last year was the first year using it and Jake loved it *so* much! I like it because we decide what goes into each day (allowing us to minimize the amount of chocolate he gets, LOL!). The first day we gave him “Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas,” which is one of his favorite Christmas movies so far. The second day he got a Spiderman candycane that I found at Christmas Tree Shops (so cool — a red and blue cane with a nicely decorated Spiderman gummy attatched). Today’s was “the big one,” though… one I’d been waiting for, really, since last year: the Playmobil Nativity Set.

I currently have a glass Nativity and I’m hoping that for next Christmas I’ll save enough to have the Willow Tree set, neither of which are good for little kids to play with. At the end of last Christmas season I thought about this little cloth set that Hallmark had, but some lady grabbed the last one before I got to it. It’s just as well because this set it so much fun! We had a great time putting it together and setting all the people up. Plus, it’s a good way to tell him the story behind the Nativity (this year we are really trying hard to stress the religious aspect of Christmas and drive in that it is *not* just about presents).

Of course, Jake if four and is incredibly imaginative and loves role-playing. So after we had gone through the Biblical story I left him to play with the Playmobil Nativity as he saw fit. He decided they all were going to be Jedi Knights. (Virgin Mary was even weilding a light sabre!). Yup. Jesus was a Jedi. Makes perfect sense to me 🙂

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  1. Liz says:

    This past July I bought the Playmobil Advent calendar at Target. My Jake and I have been counting down the days to open it and set it up and on Dec. 1st, we just had a blast! It’s so fun! I regret not getting the Nativity set as well… maybe next July!

    Also, I’ve been coveting the Willow Tree nativity set (and Christmas ornaments) for eons, too!

    Happy Christmas. 😀

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