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Having kids always keeps you on your toes, doesn’t it? Jake was complaining of a sore throat for the last day or two, but it didn’t seem like anything more than post-nasal drip. It’s that time of year when everyone has the sniffles, after all. Well, yesterday around 3 I got a call from the school nurse. Poor kid’s throat was killing him and he had a fever. Fan-tastic!

Luckily we were able to get an evening appointment at the doctor’s office and sure enough, it was strep. So now we have a prescription for some antibiotic. I’m too lazy to look up the name and unless I read up on it, I really don’t know the difference between the pink stuff in the bottle and something like l-dopa. Our kids are not sick that often (thank goodness), so I am just not familiar with most of the brands. At any rate, it seemed to work right away. He got a good night’s sleep and feel much better today. We’re keeping him home from school tomorrow, too, just to be sure he is past the “contagious” phase.

While he was at the pediatrician’s, the doctor urged us to make an appointment in a few weeks to have our regular physician examine Jake’s tonsils again. A while back we had them examined, but they are still quite large, so it’s time to take another look. So we’ll see what he says. At least the meds are working quick. Strep throat is the worst!

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