Holy Cow, It’s August!


Although I knew yesterday’s date was July 31, when I woke up this morning and changed the calendar page to August it still took me by surprise. While we’re still certainly in the midst of summer, August just seems so close to fall. But I’m going to squeeze every last drop out of summer vacation, and thankfully we live in an area of the country where kids don’t go back to school until September. So I’m trying not to occupy myself with pumpkins and scarecrows just yet.

It’s been such a weird week with Drew and Jacob gone! Although I have to say, FaceTime is a wonderful, amazing thing. We’ve been able to chat with Drew, and the kids love it. Just two more sleeps and everyone will be home — yay!


Tuesday night we had a bit of unexpected excitement. One of our cats, Pepper, is always trying to sneak outside. They’re indoor cats and really we’d prefer it that way, so this has caused a few problems. Well, I’d just made last-minute plans to visit with a friend when I heard the UPS truck pull up. Without thinking, I opened the door to get the package and Pepper ran out into the bushes.


I spent 20 minutes running through brush, pricker vines, lost a flip-flop in the process, and decided that I just wasn’t going to be able to catch her. So I got the kids ready and as I opened the garage door, in walked The Escape Artist. So we quickly shut it and got her into the basement. What an ordeal! Luckily, my friend had a glass of wine and plenty of laughs waiting for me when we finally got there.

Anyway! I need to get going. Looks like it might rain so I want to bring in my kitchen floor mats, which I left hanging over the deck railing overnight, while I’m thinking about it. But I’ll be back later with a recipe!

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