Happy Homemaker Monday, February 4, 2019

Hello everyone! I am enjoying a beautiful day at home today, and I could not be happier! I am hoping for a normal schedule this week. Last week with a storm and frigid temperatures we dealt with early dismissals, school delays, and cancelled events. But we got through it!
Anyway, let’s get on with it shall we? Time to link up with Sandra at Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday
The weather…
It is just beautiful out today! Sunny and warm-ish. It definitely is giving me a bit of an energy boost. Last week was rough! I’ll happily take this little bit of a thaw.
On my reading pile…

The Woman Inside, by E.G. Scott. I just processed this book on Saturday, and it sounded pretty good. Getting first pick of the new books is definitely a benefit to the job!

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend…
Honestly, I can’t even remember! Saturday we watched Ramona and Beezus by Laura’s request, but otherwise I can’t think of anything that stands out.
On my TV…
I’m finally finishing the final episode of the Netflix Ted Bundy docu-series. Very interesting and very scary. It’s really unbelievable the evil people are capable of. I just can’t understand it.
On the menu for this week…
Monday: Crock Pot roast beef, green beans, garlic bread
Tuesday: Quick chicken parmesan, steamed broccoli
Wednesday: Chicken & chick pea curry, naan, sliced cucumbers & onions
Thursday: Pork chops, roasted red potatoes, green beans
Friday: ?
Saturday: Meatballs, Italian sausage, whole wheat penne, Drew’s homemade marinara, salad
Sunday: ?
On my to do list…

  • Fold & put away laundry
  • Tidy master bedroom
  • Catch up on my memory planner
What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating…
Baby blanket for a gift, dishcloths, feeling the itch to start a knit scarf

Looking around the house…
The piano still has to be put back together ? Since my MIL will be coming up this weekend, it absolutely has to to get back in order! Other than that I have my laundry baskets out that I have to deal with. I did a good bit of cleaning after I got home from work on Saturday, so that helped keep things clean over the weekend.
From the camera…

I love the way the sun is sandwiched between the trees in this photo from last Wednesday morning!

What I’m wearing today…
Jeans, purple and gray baseball tee, ponytail.
One of my simple pleasures…
Fresh flowers! Yesterday the grocery store had bouquets marked down to $1! I bought four, took everything apart and then made up three arrangements — One for the living room, one for the kitchen, and one for the bedroom.


  1. Luludou says:

    Oh my! what a GREAT bargain… would have bought the fres flowers too at that price! It is so nice to have fresh flowers in the house – gives us a little feeling of spring.
    I think I'll look up the ted-bundy documentary. Have a great week

  2. Jean @sonotorganized.com says:

    Oh, those fresh flowers are so pretty. Just what we all need right now, a bit of brightness. Your book looks really interesting. I debated watching the Ted Bundy thing on Netflix. Still might some time. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Tamy Bollar says:

    I hope you had a GREAT week. I didn't get as much accomplished in blogland as I would have liked and am extremely late visiting everyone – so much so that it's time to post today's almost. I LOVE what you did with the flowers – what a GREAT way to add some cherry color to a dreary winter!

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