Handmade Knitting Journal

Knitting Journal Oh no she didn’t! Oh yes she did!!! I whipped out my scrapbooking supplies last night and (GASP!) actually made something! Can you believe it? I’ve been wanting some kind of knitting notebook in which to keep track of my finished projects. I’m so sick of binders, and I found this blank scrapbook that I’d purchased out of the Target dollar bin a long time ago. I plan to include a photo of the finished piece along with basic notes on it — pattern name, source, yarn used, how much, needle size, etc. I had looked online, but didn’t find anything that I absolutely loved, so I finally decided to make my own.

I didn’t remember to check who made the patterned paper, sorry. Otherwise, it’s just cardstock, ribbon, and stamps and ink. Keeping it simple here, kids. I will probably cover the inside cover as well (currently it’s just the raw edges from the papers I used on the outside cover) and I might make a little ball of yarn or something to decorate the square in the middle.

With the exception of just a few handmade cards, I’ve done no paper crafting in at least a year. In June I almost sold off all of my supplies. Right about now I’m glad I didn’t! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to scrapbooking again with the unbridled enthusiasm I had a couple years ago, but it was a lot of fun making this journal and I can see myself getting back into bookmaking. (Remember those accordion albums I used to make?) Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll actually learn some bookbinding skills too.

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  1. I took a bookbinding class at http://www.centerforbookarts.org, it was awesome. You would make stunning books, I’m sure! The only thing is, I still haven’t decided what to do with what I made. (And, I was actually pretty surprised that I wasn’t that great at it — I thought it would come naturally to me.)

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