halloween ’09

Wow, what a busy Hallo-weekend! We kicked it off on Friday night with a trip to the local fire house. They put on a free Haunted House. I still bear the scars of a terrifying haunted house I went through in 7th or 8th grade on a trip to Salem, so I was happy to wait outside with the baby. And after getting one look at a guy in costume, Noah came running over to me to wait as well, LOL. Jake and Drew went through and Jake chose the “non-scary” version, thankfully. Drew said that he imagines that if you choose scary it’s really scary. Everyone looked great in costume and they did a fantastic job. Actually, one of the guys ended up sneaking up on Drew and gave him a scare near the end 😉

The rest of the weekend was filled with a Halloween/birthday party for Noah, a Saint’s Day party for Jake, and trick-or-treating at the mall. Since we don’t live in an area where you can walk from house to house, it’s easier (and safer) to take the kids to the mall for trick-or-treating. They’ve gone house to house before, at my MIL’s, so they’re not missing out on anything. And on a rainy day like Saturday, the mall is a lot drier! Though I admit there is a certain “trash” quotient at the mall. People seem to lose their sense of taste and adult pick some awfully, um, inappropriate costumes. It did make for an amusing show. The boys got a decent amount of candy as well as coupons. Most of them were useful, but some were pretty useless for kids.  At least the vitamin/supplement store didn’t hand out fat burner ads. I guess every business is doing what it can to get more customers and I can’t fault them for it, especially since they were giving out candy.

Yesterday we hit Target for Halloween clearance and got the boys their costumes for next year. We also picked up two Ninja Turtle costumes just for everyday play. Tomorrow I need to run some errands over that way so I might take another peek, just to see 😉

Hope your Halloween was spook-tacular! I’ll leave you with a couple photos of my boils and ghoul (to quote the Cryptkeeper).

ninja moves


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  1. Great photos! Glad you had a nice holiday weekend. I wish Halloween was always on a Saturday.

  2. I didn’t realize that you were celebrating Noah’s birthday on Saturday! It’s a good thing you guys didn’t come over on Saturday for Meri’s party, with her fever! Hope you all are healthy and doing well.

    LOL! No, Noah attended a *classmate’s* birthday/Halloween party 🙂
    — Carol

  3. Love the new design! Beautiful!

  4. Great job getting next years costume early. Love the little guys pumpkin hat… just too cute… even better on your ripple. Yes, I see it… he-he….

    If you do make the rice snugglies, make sure to make one for each of the boys, as I know I ended up getting more orders for my nieces and nephews, as it was something they didn’t want to share. They pretty much line up at the micro each night at bed time waiting for their to be finished before hitting the hay.

    Have a great weekend.


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