deck the malls

Like the crazy shopper I am, I went back to the mall today. Yesterday’s mail brought me a small windfall to use on myself and I could use some new clothes so… off I went. I scored a pair of purple cords at JC Penney’s, but I have to return the other items I bought, unfortunately. I was so excited with the two shirts, the sweater, and the scarf I found at Charlotte Russe, but one shirt (a size medium) was absolutely enormous, as was the sweater. The other shirt was skin tight. Ugh. Are they labeling clothes different so that people don’t feel bad about how big they are? Because there is no way I’m a size small. I also didn’t realize that the scarf was damaged until I went home so it will all go back. Same with the shirt IĀ  bought at Old Navy. It, too, seems to be too big for its size. Well, money back in my pocket I guess. Maybe there is a better deal waiting for me somewhere šŸ™‚

Noah was thrilled to get a peek at Santa Claus. He gave the big guy a shy little wave. We’ll bring the kids back another day when they’re dressed a little nicer and try to get a photo. This year they are using an empty storefront to accommodate Santa. It’s actually set up really nice. In previous years this mall’s Santa display has been… lacking. Next to Santa’s alcove is a set-up for a camping/RV store. There’s mannequins and various camping-related items. It kind of looks like Santa made his way to the Hudson Valley in a motorhome, though, rather than in a sleigh. Of course, I’m sure he’d have no problem getting rv financing — after all, he does own a toy factory, right?

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  1. Liz says:

    I agree about Old Navy shirts… I’ve been buying the same basic shirts online for years. The last time I did, they were all absolutely huge on me. Blargh!

  2. Lisanne says:

    I can’t wear corduroy pants. With the huge size of my thighs, those suckers would rub together and start a major fire! LOL! šŸ™‚

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Old Navy shirts have always been huge on me, and I don’t get that. It’s crazy how clothes are all “cut” differently.

    Cornbread … mmm! I grew up with that. It was a staple. We never had it at Thanksgiving, though!

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