Do you realize that tomorrow is May? Yes! It is! This year is flying by. Sunday is Jake’s last CCD class (until the fall). I wish I’d realized it sooner — I would have made each of his teachers a little gift basket with a couple handknit dishcloths and some yummy soaps just as a little “thank you.” He had a great time with them and they are such great women. Drew and I were discussing whether kindergarten contitutes the “first year” of CCD (because second year students make their First Communion). I don’t think it does. There were only 4 kids in his class. I would think that most people don’t send their children until first grade. I am guessing that “second year” = “second grade.” I made mine in either second or third grade so that seems right. I think first grade is still a bit young. But I’m sure we’ll find out. Also in May, Drew and I will celebrate 10 years of putting up with each other being together! June is our seventh wedding anniversary. The traditional gifts are wool and copper. Hmm… I will have to get creative with his gift this year, I think! Sure beats the modern gift though — a desk set. Yeah. That’s not boring at all. At least I have a month or so to sort it all out!


  1. Lisanne says:

    Oooooh! Love this new blog design!

    I can’t believe that May is almost here, either. I was actually just looking at my May calendar! Wow.

    What is “CCD”?

    I’ll have to look up what the eighth wedding anniversary gift is. I bought Jeff a copper “zen” fountain. It was pretty cool! He bought me a copper watering can. 🙂

  2. carol says:

    CCD is “Confraternity of Christian Doctorine” — Catholic Sunday school 🙂 And unfortunately I had to take the other theme down because a few things were wonky and I couldn’t figure them out. Too bad, because I thought it was cute too!

  3. jesser says:

    I love all you people that do anniversary gifts and ones that follow that fun schedule too and get all creative. What fun!! We have really never done gifts on our anniversary … but I do like the idea. I would struggle with copper though, I think.

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