Clicking My Heels (so to speak….)

autumn welcomeWell, as the saying goes… There’s no place like home. Over the past few months I tried blogging at a different URL, thinking that the change might inspire me. But it didn’t. Honestly, it felt kind of weird. So, just about a year after I bought that domain, I’ve decided to pack my things and move back here. What can I say? Sometimes you just have to do what feels most comfortable. I’ve imported all the entries I wrote over at My Crewel World, so now everything is just in one place. Reading through my archives… there’s just too much history here, I guess. I just can’t let it go.

Moreover, I’ve realized that it’s been well over a month since I’ve check in. Goodness! The days do fly by, don’t they? I feel like this time of year, especially, as moms we’re just so busy with kids and school and activities and getting back into the swing of things. Well, I’ll see if going forward I can be a little bit better about blogging regularly. So let’s catch up, shall we?

School started for the kids at the beginning of September. It feel like just yesterday my oldest was in preschool, and here is — now in 8th grade! N. started 5th grade and L. is loving 1st grade. Everyone seems to like all the teachers this year, so that’s always a good thing. Scouts is now in full swing, too. And CCD has started so that once again means crazy Wednesdays. I wrote another letter begging them to start now to change the timing of classes for next year. Here’s how my Wed. afternoons currently go: the younger kids get home, eat a quick snack, gather up CCD books and drive to class. An hour and a half later they get picked up and dropped off back home. They quickly eat and start on homework. Meanwhile, the oldest now has to get in to his CCD class. Rush, get in the car. Drive in. Drop off. I am incredibly lucky to carpool with a couple neighbors, and that saves all of us a trip or two. But still — it’s just the craziness of it all. So we will see. J. is making his confirmation this year, but next year the younger two will again be in different sessions because of the way the grades are split up. 


As for me, I’ve just been busy with the usual stuff. I’ve been doing some freelance copy editing and copy writing, which I enjoy. I have had the best of intentions with my crochet — but haven’t picked up a hook in a while. Still constantly feeling like I’m not caught up on everything, you know? I’ve also been down with a nasty cold for the last few days — that’s not helping much, LOL!

I probably should get the fall decorations down out of the attic. I know the kids would enjoy having some of the Halloween stuff out. The leaves are starting to change colors just a little bit, but I have a bad feeling about the foliage this year. It has been so dry, I think that everything is just going to turn brown and drop. I hope I’m wrong, but so far everything that has turned looks quite drab except for this lone burst of red in my backyard.

turning leaves

I suppose that’s all. I’m thinking of trying to commit to a post a day in October. Even if it’s just a single photo. I hate that the days pass and I’m not documenting anything. That was my intent moving my blog, after all, to just write down all of life’s little moments. There’s no reason I can’t simply do that here. Time to give myself a good kick in the behind and get back at it!

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