April already!

I am trying to be positive here and I keep reminding myself that spring is on the way, even though it is still so cold outside. Yesterday was a bit mild, actually, but storms last night brought in chilly air as well as wind. But soon enough we’ll be enjoying lovely temperatures, right? Right? Please, just agree 🙂 Anyway…

Things are busy here. Jake is playing tee-ball this year and tomorrow is his first practice. Then, this weekend he has two birthday parties. I swear, his soicial life is much more active than mine. I’m already planning his birthday party in August though — how crazy am I? Let’s see, what else is new… really not much. I’ve been doing my spring cleaning and general organizing. I think I need a new jewlery box to accomodate all my necklaces and things. I have a lot of really nice pieces — pretty pendants, religious jewelry, earings, bracelets… And I don’t want everything getting all tangled up. I’ll have to look into that.

Well, I guess that is about it. If you’re curious about French Cabernet Franc, be sure to read my Wine Blogging Wednesday post today!

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  1. Lisanne says:

    Have fun planning his birthday party! Are you doing a combined one this year again? What’s tee-ball? I’ve always wondered about that. Is it where there’s a ball on top of a pole thingy and the kids hit the ball? He’ll love that! Wow, he’s getting SO grown up. I’ve been cleaning and organizing lately, too (hard with two toddlers around, though!). I swear, the other day was SUCH a taste of true spring ~ but now it’s cold again. *sigh* At least it’s sunny. I cannot WAIT for spring to get here and STAY!!! Hope you all are doing well. Are you over your cold yet?

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