A Break In The Birthdays

Whew… for the next two days we have a break in the massive number of August birthday celebrations. Really, it’s crazy! My mom, Drew’s mom, Drew’s brother, Drew’s cousin’s baby, my cousin, Jake, and Noah all have birthdays this month. I was looking at some periodot jewelry the other day (since it’s August’s birthstone), and thinking about how a periodot, opal, and diamond necklace would look. The opal is my birthstone (October) and the diamond is Drew’s birthstone (April). I think because of all the colors typically found in an opal, the combination could work. Something to think about…

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  1. Lisanne says:

    I think that it would be *so* neat to have a sapphire ring with our two children’s birthstones next to it. I *love* Lucas’s ~ aquamarine. Meredith’s is opal, and I love the sparkly ones! 🙂 Hope Jake is feeling a bit better now.

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