You know you’re out of it when…

You read the term fiber cable and immediately think of yarn and circular needs. Seriously, my focus is just all over the place. Things have been busy, plus there was the snow. At least we didn’t really get hit hard yesterday — a tiny bit of snow and some sleet and rain; enough to make it a pain to go anywhere, but not as bad as Thursday. Add to that the fact that our Jeep is not drivable. Seems like the tumblers need to be replaced because the key won’t turn (and yes, we’ve tried the WD-40, the hitting the key with a mallet and just about every piece of advice on the Internet). It’ll get towed to the shop either today or tomorrow and fixed. Not a huge deal, just an added expense and more aggravation. I guess everything always happens at once, huh? I just hope it’s repaired quickly because I am going to need to go and buy groceries for Christmas dinner next week and between my schedule and Drew’s schedule and just one car I have no idea when it will get done. (Hmm… probably around 5 AM if things don’t go my way!) I know it will all work out, and I am stressing for no reason, but it’s just annoying. ::Grumble::

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