You know how it goes…


Within the last few weeks, it’s like life has just exploded with craziness! We’re all so busy and I feel pulled in many different directions at the same time. Not in a bad way, mind you, just a busy way. Basically I just wanted to pop in and say hello!

I spent last weekend up in Western Mass. visiting my family. My nephew turned four and Laura and I went to his party on Saturday. We drove up on Friday night and hit the craziest, awful snow squalls. I don’t enjoy driving in the dark to begin with, but when you add in dizzying snowfall and slippery road conditions, well… let’s just say I was very glad when we finally passed through them and even happier when we got to my parents’! Other than that, the weekend was great! So much fun relaxing with my mom and dad and seeing the rest of our family.

I even picked up my 12-pointed star blanket, only to discover that I had to pull back several rows to correct a missed stitch. Ugh! But now I should be back on track.

I also had the chance to play with my brother’s new camera — a Sony Alpha a6000. Oh, it puts my Nikon D40 to shame (then I realized that my camera is 10 years old, so it should be no surprise). It’s so fast and the photos are just stunning! Time to start saving up.

This week has been a blur since we got home on Sunday. I feel like all I’ve done is work and drive the kids around. I am so looking forward to (hopefully) taking a break over the weekend, catching up on stuff around the house, catching up on my crochet, and maybe even catching up on sleep! I think next week should be a little bit calmer.

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