You Can Get Anything You Want at Alice’s Restaurant

Although I didn’t hear it at noon on Thanksgiving, I found “Alice’s Restaurant” on the radio and am currently listening to it. Thank goodness, because it just ain’t Thanksgiving without Arlo Guthrie. The version right now must be a more recent recording because of the stories he’s telling. I love it!

We had a nice turkey day up in Massachusetts. I didn’t stuff myself silly yet I enjoyed pretty much everything we had. The kids had fun playing, watching Over The Hedge, and being indulged 😉 I successfully dragged my brother out shopping yesterday, though it really wasn’t that early. We got to Circuit City around 8 I think. I was up at 4:30 (thanks to N.), so I was ready to go! In fact, I had already been to a couple other stores before he swung by to pick me up.

Originally the kids and I were going to stay until Saturday (D. left Thanksgiving night because he had to do some work on Friday), but I could tell that the boys were wearing my parents out, and after N. ripped up their wallpaper border when he was supposed to be napping I decided that it just might be best to head home last night. And thank goodness I did because our poor cat had mistakenly been closed up in our bedroom. The poor thing! She must have snuck in there before D. closed the door (to keep her out of the bedroom, ironically). She bounced back easily, though. Cats are like that.

Tomorrow I think we are going to attempt to get a photo of the boys with Santa. D. took them to the mall today (I’m working) and J. was nearly on the floor in tears because he couldn’t get his photo taken. I’m not sure how the little one is going to react, so this should be interesting…


  1. Shannon O. says:

    Let me know how you do with Santa… I want to take Lorelei to see santa… but not sure how to do it with her being so little… so we shall see.. hehehe… glad you had fun with the parentals =)

  2. Lisanne says:

    Shannon ~ Lucas was only nine months old when we took him to see Santa, and he did OK. Cried the entire time, but that was to be expected. I’m sure that Lorelei will do great; you could always sit on Santa’s lap yourself with her in *your* lap! hehe 🙂 OK, Carol, I laughed hysterically at the mental image of Noah tearing off your parents’ wallpaper. Sounds like something Lucas would do! 🙂 I know that it wasn’t funny, but we’re still laughing anyway! 🙂 I loved the photo of Jake with Santa. He’s such a cutie! 🙂

  3. amiefletch says:

    Hey there – my husband missed Alice’s Restaurant this year for the first time. I thought he was going to cry! I’d never heard of the tradition before marrying him. Hope the Santa thing went well. Olivia is just not a fan – we wrote him a letter this year instead!

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