yogurt drop flop

Do you remember Yogos? They were yogurt covered fruit bits that were sold a few years ago, but I can no longer find them. Which is fine, because I’m sure they were loaded with processed junk. But they were so tasty! Yes, even I loved them. So, I decided that with my trusty dehydrator, I could make my own.

I’d read about people making yogurt drops in their food dehydrators, so surely this was not an impossible task. I had lemon yogurt. I had blueberries. These babies were going to be awesome!

I put down the screen and without much thought I began dropping down yogurt blobs, then topping some with blueberries and some with walnuts.

yogurt drop flop

I turned the temperature to 135 degrees and let it go. About a half-hour later I realized that I never rubbed the screen with olive oil. This would be a problem.

yogurt drop flop

After about 2.5 hours I saw that really, what I had created, was flat yogurt blobs that weren’t going to release from the screen.

yogurt drop flop

Check it out. Who wants to eat that? It doesn’t look like a delicious yogurt-covered treat.

yogurt drop flop

Well, truth be told I did eat them because I hate wasting food. And the taste was actually pretty good. But I had to scrape them off with a spoon.

Oh well. You can’t win ’em all!

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  1. I realize this post was made some time ago, in which case I might be lucky to learn if you’ve found out what the problem was here. I looked at 3 different websites that strung a tale of magical-so-easy-to-make yogurt drops. But much to my dismay, after about 30 minutes in the dehydrator, my beautiful drops of hope looked like pink diarrhea. :/

    1. I never revisited this recipe, so no I never figured out what went wrong 🙁

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